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Land transactions for the week of May 9, 2018

The following deeds were transferred in Shelby County from April 23-27

April 23

-Justin and Cassi Chapman to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LLP for $232,000 for Lot 6-51 of Chelsea Park VI.

-Ethel Merchant to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $127,000 for Lot 214 of Waterford Village sector V phase III.

-Joel and Sherrell Roberson to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $166,000 for Lot 22 of Bridlewood Parc sector II.

-Lynn Gilmore and Reginald Evans to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $136,000 for Lot 7 of Southwind I sector.

-Mindy Miller to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $134,000 for Lot 23 of Waterford Village sector IV.

-Javarus and Lashunda Walker to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $130,000 for Lot 40 of Summerchase phase III.

-Gregory and Taylar Posey to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $121,000 for Lot 148 of Camden Cove sector I.

-Debra Jones to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $120,000 for Lot 102 of Stonecreek phase I.

-Susan Wilkinson and Daniel McCurry to James Sullivan for $223,000 for lOt 106 of Inverness Cove phase II.

-Pamela Swiatek to Joseph and Amy Lejeune for $170,000 for property.

-DR Horton Inc Birmingham to Jacob and Tamara Strawn for $221,710 for Lot 45 of Waterstone phase IV.

-Newcastle Construction Inc to Dustin and Jennifer Strickland for $291,500 for Lot 32 of Helena Station.

-Glenn and Brenda Walker and Mark and Donna Taylor to Mark and Donna Taylor for $10,000 for Lot 11 of Wood Ridge.

-Newcastle Construction Inc to Jermey and Allison White for $295,900 for Lot 15 of Helena Station.

-SDH Birmingham LLC to Alan and Patricia Wheeler for $195,370 for Lot 140 of Kensington Place phase II.

-Donovan Builders LLC to Glenn Gordon and Suzanne Chase for $348,485 for Lot 19 of Grey Oaks sector III.

-David and Nancy Powell to Richard and Denise Cortez for $628,000 for Lot 3435 of Riverchase Country Club.

-Nicholas and Robert Helms to Kristina Mapes for $245,000 for Lot 1634 of Strathaven at Ballantrae phase II.

-Jimmy Hayes to Jason Chestnut and Hollie Hayes for $322,500 for Lot 31 of Timberline phase II.

-Cherry Smith to Barbara Plexico for $217,000 for Lot 44 of Narrows Point sector.

-J Wright Building Company Inc to Charles and Kristen Roley for $476,861 for Lot 348 of Creekwater phase 111A.

-Justin and Lauren Lafferty to Robert and Brandi Cleckler for $298,900 for Lot 9-36 of Chelsea Park IX sector.

-David and Rhoda Hasenbein to Hahn and Alecia Lau for $379,900 for Lot 33 of RE Whaleys.

-Steven and Diana Gladstone to David and Rhoda Hasenbein for $262,500 for Lot 2 of Alex Mill Farms.

-Leon and Lisa Slappey to Joseph Adams for $135,000 for Lot 40 of Hunters Glen.

-Robert and Barbara Kilduff to Robert and Barbara Kilduff for $10,000 fo rlOt 34 of Old Mill Trace.

-Thomas and Cris Nelson to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $220,000 for Lot 3 of Dearing Downs X addition.

-Kenneth Gilliam and Kathryn Helms to Stanwyk Real Estate Partners LLC for $152,000 for Lot 95 of Charles Place Magnolia Park phase III sector IV.

-Jimmy and Glenda Howell to Guadalupe Tadeo for $60,000 for property.

-Cathy Roy to Alliance Wealth Builders Inc. for $52,796 for Lot 27 of Willow Glen II sector.

-David and Patricia Meany to Corrie and Whitney Williams for $219,900 for Lot 18 of Apache Ridge sector VI.

-Mark, Roy and Stacy Hadaway to Brittnay and Garrette Huff for $164,000 for Lot 371 of Waterford Highlands sector I.

-Robert and Mary Ramsey to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $170,000 for Lot 9 of Southwind II sector.

-Stanwky Real Estate Partners LLc to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $178,000 for Lot 95 of St. Charles Place magnolia Park phase III sector IV.

-Theirfour LLC to Veronica Bates and Ruben Guerrero for $14,000 for property.

-Nolan and Ashley Williams to Vickie Philen for $124,900 for Lot 183 of Stone Creek phase IV.

-John Hunter to John and Cralyn McDaniel for $256,000 for Lot 22 of Riverchase West II addition.


April 24

-Trevor Kesler to Jessica Carbajal and Baltazar Zamora for $169,000 for Lot 3 of Spring Gate Estates phase III.

-Joshua and Layken Lee to Matthew and Courtney Bellamy for $305,000 for Lot 76 of Chelsea Station.

-Debra McGrady, Donna Moore and Edward Mathis to Wayne Banks II for $135,000 for Lot 576 of Forest Lakes X sector.

-James and Virginia Brown to Jeri Evans for $275,000 for Lot 216 of Eagle Point II sector phase I.

-Robert and Wanda Penn to Anthony and Canosha Watkins for $285,000 for Lot 4 of Oak Park Highlands sector III.

-Whitney and Corrie Williams to Lauren Straub for $134,750 for Lot 547 of Forest Lakes X sector.

-Peggy Dye and Jim Dempsey to Patricia Vanderwall for $275,000 for Lot 9 of Southlake Crest II sector.

-Sara and Charles Hopper to Arielis and Bradley Markham for $235,000 for Lot 25 of Winstone III.

-Barry and Susan Blakely to Derrick and Heather Helm for $370,000 for Lot 33 of Cedars.

-Harry Watkins to Jimmie Haywood for $98,400 for Lot 810 of Gables a Condominum.

-Nichole Rodes to Daniel and Sandra Muntner for $95,380 for Lot 815 of Horizon a Condominium.

-Noel Miller to Samuel and Christy Abraham for $252,000 for Lot 10 of RushingParc sector I.

-Lucy Shubert to Western Properties LLC for $185,000 for Lot 1 of Carrington sector I.

-Jimmy and Christine Carr to Robert and Mary Ramsey for $222,000 for Lot 16 of Park Forest II sector.

-Angelle Copenhaver to Jimmy and Christine Carr for $337,500 for Lot 1335 of Weatherly Wixford Forest sector XIII.

-Lee Young to Betty Smith for $164,900 for Lot 17 of Emerald Ridge sector II.

-Andrew and Tina Kaufmann to Andrew and Tina Kaufmann for $176,150 for Lot 6 of Heatherwood IX.

-Brenton and Jennifer Harden to Timothy Patrick for $192,000 for Lot 1759 of Old Cahaba IV II addition phase V.

-Glenn and Gail Wills to Lindsey and Barry Underwood for $152,500 for Lot 1 of Navajo Hills IV sector.

-W Development LLC to Dal properties LLC for $58,000 for Lot 20 of Chelsea Reserve.

-Donald and Josephine Martin to Karen McKinnstry for $23,920 for property.

April 25

-Lee and Donna Orr to Mason and Dakota Kerth for $245,000 for Lot 142 of Lake Forest I sector.

-Kelly Holcomb to Leigh Miller for $201,500 for Lot 33 of Davenports Addition to Riverchase West sector II.

-Kevin Hughes to Jose Navarrete, Nayeli Santiago, and Tania Lopez for $114,000 for property.

-Smith Commercial Investments LLC to Earl and Donna Sprinkle for $155,000 for Lot 13 of Red Oak.

-Connor Farmer to Five Star Investments LLC for $55,000 for Lot 1 of Quail Run.

-Highpointe Investments LLC to Salter Enterprises Inc for $440,000 for Lot 2 of Eagle Point Griffin Park.

-Anne Burke to State of Alabama for $8,000 for property.

-Barry and Deborah Wise to Michael and Mary Shuta for $258,000 for Lot 7 of Riverchase West.

-Thomas and Mary Cleveland to Darryl Stracner for $379,900 for Lot 714 of Forest Parks VII sector.

-Thomas and Jennifer Gardner to Larry and Kellie Jenkins for $182,000 for property.

-Dianne and Edwin Poche to Dianne and Edwin Poche for $91,550 for Lot 23 of Cross Creek.

-Stanwyk Real Estate Partners LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $135,000 for Lot 36 of Stonecreek phase III.

-Frances Dufour to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $185,000 for Lot 511 of Forest Lakes.

-Neil and Sarah Gilliland to Christopher and Tonya Myers for $320,000 for Lot 25 of Beaumont phase V.

-Kyle and Lindsey Harbor to Benjamin and Lindsay Talley for $135,500 for property.

-Fred and Nancy Herndon to Neil and Sarah Gilliland for $350,000 for Lot 83 of Beaumont phase V.

-Angela Fulgham to Everardo Saavedra and Cointa Pichardo for $170,500 for Lot 68 of Cottages at Stonehaven.

-James and Christa Sligh to Elaine and William Montgomery for $460,000 for Lot 19 of Greystone VII.

-Ronald Day to Davis and Leslie Bryant for $158,000 or Lot 52 of Narrows Reach.

-Barry and Margie Skinner to Glenn and Sonni Cummings for $305,900 for Lot 31 of Carden Crest.

-Catherine Mayo to Junior Popwell for $177,100 for Lot 1787 of Old Cahabal IV II addition phase V.

-John and Thersea Phillips to Katelyn Burnett and Nolan Vinson for $137,000 for Lot 197 of Hidden Creek III phase II.

-Michael and Gladys Livingston to Daniel Long for $182,000 for Lot 2 of Woodland Hills I phase V sector.

-Patricia Enzor to Wesley and Haley Frandsen for $485,000 for Lot 2 of Harris Estates.

-Dawn Braddock to Clint and Silena Cvacho for $110,000 for Lot 3 of Broken Bow South.

-Alavest LLC to Rex Residential Property Owner LLC for $92,000 for Lot 6 of Armstrong Estates.

-Lake Wilborn Partners LLC to james Cochran and Stephanie Boatman for $314,311 for Lot 48 of Lake Wilborn phase IA.

-Palmer and Sons Inc. to Anitra Nalls for $7,000 for property.


April 26

-Anh and Nguyen Le to James White for $12,500 for Lot 214 of Forest Ridge phase II.

-Susan Crotzer to John and Melinda Andrews for $235,000 for Lot 287 of Cedar Grove.

-Teresa Scott to Round Too Investments LLC for $450,000 for property.

-Round Too Investments LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc for $315,000 for property.

-Dal Properties LLC to Deborah Brown for $344,900 for Lot 2157 of Kirkwall phase IV.

-Kelly Bartko to Russel and Jennifer Ham for $287,000 for Lot 5 of Audubon Forest.

-Dal Properties LLC to David and Anna McConnell for $355,610 for Lot 2174 of Kirkwall at Ballantrae phase IV.

-John Alexander to Audrey Watson for $189,900 for Lot 1304 ofLofts at Edenton VII.

-Wesley and Jennifer Lovelandy to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $164,900 for Lot 21 of Chanda Terrace I sector.

-SDH Birmingham LLC to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $175,000 for Lot 202 of Kensington Place phase II.

-Lake Wilborn Partners LLC to Charles and Lauren Bowers for $408,660 for Lot 43 of Lake Wilborn phase 1A.

-Harold Patton to Michael and Mathew Patton for $221,500 for Lot 2 of Inverness Green.

-Dennis and Ruby Hightower to Dennis and Ruby Hightower for 240,000 for Lot 31 of Sandpipper Trail.

-Victoria Tommer to Cerberus SFR Holdings II LP for $180,900 for Lot 304 of Union Station phase III.

-Janet Cooley and Ellen Pickett to Floyd and Deborah Kornegay for $179,900 for Lot 516 of Lake Forest V sector.

-Tinynicha and Ashley White to Courtnery Payne for $198,900 for Lot 1149 of Old Cahaba II addition phase III.

-Nancy and Robert Bell to Kirbie Delaine for $115,000 for Lot 21 of Nottingham Townhomes.

-Robert and Dawn Snelling to Janet and Ellen Cooley for $265,000 for Lot 58 of Weatherly Glen Abbey sector XII phase III.

-James Brasher to Jeffrey and Jamie Crittenden for $40,000 for property.

-Jeremy and Lesley Perkins to Jennifer and Thurman Swann for $165,000 for Lot 13 of Cherokee Crest.

-Ridge Crest Homes LLC to Chip and Tonya Ward for $437,175 for Lot 2126 of Highland Lakes XXI sector phase I & II.

-Embassy Homes LLC to Jennifer Bright for $329,274 for Lot 11-28 of Chelsea Park.

-Eddleman Residential LLC to Robert and Sarah Perry for $430,900 for Lot 1 of Brook Highland XXVI sector.

-Stone Martin Builders LLC to Joy and David Harville for $233,599 for Lot 4-15 of Chelsea Park IV sector.

-Scotch Homes and Land Development Group Inc to Timothy and Kayla Phillips for $299,620 for Lot 132 of Willow Branch II sector.

-Steven and Deborah Walker to Richard and Sara Thurgood for $453,100 for Lot 348 of Highland Lakes III sector V.

-Compass Bank to William McKnight for $420,000 for Lot 12 of Butte Woods Ranch Addition.

-JP and Benita Alford to Carol Davis for $128,000 for Lot 25 of Shires phase III sector I.

-Laura Mcanany and Justin Meads to Christopher and Nicole Diak for $482,500 for Lot 1613 of Brook Highland XVI sector phase II.

-Samuel and Melissa Goh to J Wright Buildings Company Inc for $270,000 for Lot 1084 of Blackridge phase 1A.

-Lisa McBrayer to John and Laura Cordova for $200,000 for lot 2815 of Weatherly Highlands the Cove.

-Amy Rygiel to Jason and Amy Rygiel for $74,950 for Lot 49 of Dearing Downs IX addition phase IV.

-Prominence Homes LLC to Madricus and Feleta Mealing for $428,750 for Lot 1 of Maple Ridge.

-E21 LLC to Lacorey and Tiara Davis for $200,000 for Lot 143 of Camden Cove West sector III phase III.

-Mitchell and Ashley Watts to Jenny and Men Pham for $325,000 for Lot 303 of Woodlands sector III.


April 27

-SB Dev Corp to Mitchell and Ashley Watts for $409,370 for Lot 909 of Riverwoods VIII sector phase II.

-Matthew and Jodi Lewis to Michele and Thomas Mickwee for $385,000 for Lot 7 of Meadow at Tara.

-Trustmark National Bank to Boos or Helena LLC for $695,000 for Lot 2 of Helena Market Subdivision.

-Western Rei LLC to Camden Spinks for $113,000 for Lot 21 of Kingwood.

-Todd and Jamie Sparrow to James O Daniel for $240,000 for Lot 128 of Autumn Ridge II sector.

-Michael Williamson to Harold and Brittany Rigsby for $75,000 for lot 3 of Fadora II.

-Thomas, Mary and John Keyes to Michael and Joan Pickett for $16,400 for property.

-Willie Moore to Rosemary Moore for $15,000 for Lot 1-8 of Reynolds addition to South Montevallo.

-Dal Properties LLC to Rhett Traywick for $299,900 for Lot 2159 of Kirkwall phase IV.

-R Realty LLC to Highway 25 Storage LLC for $190,000 for property.

-David and Vernita Jackson to William Goff for $275,700 for Lot 29 of Southern Pines V sector.

-United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stanwyk Real Estate Partners LLC for $156,000 for Lot 20 of Windstone II.

-Dannie and Tracy McClure to Dannie and Tracy McClure for $103,920 for Lot 189 of Chandalar South IV sector.

-Greater Birmingham Habitat For Humanity Inc to Shawkitta Moore for $104,000 for Lot 1 of New Hope Village sector II.

-Ross and Stephanie Funderburk to Taylor and Chelsea Payne for $176,850 for Lot 31 of Holland Lakes sector II phase I.



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