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Businesses is booming and blooming in Shelby County

Just more than a year after the start of COVID-19 in Alabama and businesses are both booming and blooming this spring. Read more

Election reforms should be passed despite economic threats

The state of Georgia is getting pushback against legislative efforts to strengthen the integrity of their elections. Read more

A Friday to remember

The wind in my face was bitterly cold in downtown Dallas a few years ago since the winter weather was yet lingering. Read more

COLUMN: The revival of a childhood hobby

Hobbies often differ from childhood to adulthood, as we grow up and our tastes mature and we form our own individual identities. Read more

Weathering the storm together

With homes destroyed and trees laying across roads and crumpled on top of homes, cars and powerlines, many lives changed on Thursday, March 25. Read more

A lesson in leadership

The young pastor wanted to see his church grow. Read more

State Senate race taking shape for 2022 showdown

The news has been expected and it finally happened last week, Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks announced his intention to run for the United States Senate. Read more

COLUMN: My tornado experience

There is an old quote that says “It only takes a second …” and for many residents across Shelby County that quote resonates even more ... Read more

First responders, neighbors do their part

As of Friday morning, March 26, the day after two tornadoes ravaged areas of Shelby County, there were no reported deaths in Shelby County. Read more

Education funding increases will hopefully reap benefits

The pandemic hammered the nation’s economy with record unemployment and millions of dollars of lost income. Read more

On becoming a castaway

I saw it recently in 2 John—a letter so small Chuck Swindoll called it a postcard. Read more

A gut wrenching experience

Stepping into my car on the side of Eagle Hollow Drive in Eagle Point, the first thing I did was call my wife. Read more

Severe weather offers another chance for us to do better

Shelby County was lucky. Wednesday, March 17 didn’t bring the severe weather threat that was forecasted for the area with a high risk for strong, ... Read more

A web of their own making

Lately we read of a presidential Cabinet nominee who was forced to withdraw from consideration after making some caustic comments on social media in past ... Read more

Alabamians resilient on 1-year anniversary of pandemic

It has now been a year since March 13, 2020, when the first reported case of the coronavirus was made public in Alabama. Read more

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