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Vote with your mind, not someone else’s

Voter intimidation is real. Read more

Unprecedented number of absentee ballots requires vigilance

We are now three weeks from the Nov. 3 elections, and it could be the largest turnout of voters in state history. Read more

On protesting and peace

I asked a nurse if she ever grew accustomed to the gorgeous view of Birmingham from St. Vincent’s Hospital South Tower. She said no. Read more

COLUMN: Remembering a county legend

Anytime you get the nickname “Mr. (insert city)” then you’ve done something right in life. Read more

It’s good to see new businesses opening, others expanding

There is no hiding the impact COVID-19 had and is still having on the economy across this country. Read more

Leaving the hurt behind

Alabama writer Rick Bragg told about speaking to a group of Southerners, mentioning to them that the South was wrong on the Civil War and ... Read more

Intolerant, vulgar comments by Alabama university educators should cease

Unfortunately, two more Alabama institutions of higher learning have made negative news because of vile comments by educators. Read more

COLUMN: Going around in circles

I don’t like four-way stops, and never have. Read more

What’s the right thing to do this Halloween?

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak comes the most fitting holiday—Halloween. Read more

Nomination of Barrett further cements Trump support in state

It has been since 1976, when Alabama voters last selected a Democrat for president. Read more

In Christ there is no east or west

It was a unique experience when Simon came to see me. “I’m Jewish, and I want to attend your church,” he said. “Is this alright?” Read more

COLUMN: Projects show true community spirit

High school can be a hectic time for students as they juggle academics, extracurricular activities and preparations for life beyond the 12th grade. Read more

Don’t shy away from chasing your dream

Seven-year-old Evan Riley Lofthus should be an inspiration to us all. Read more

Passing of Ginsburg will impact Alabama U.S. Senate race

The death of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has caused political ripples around the nation. Ginsburg’s passing will also impact Alabama as ... Read more

What is heaven like?

A mother wished to comfort her daughter when Fluffy, the family cat, died. Read more

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