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The outlook for 2021 looks promising

Shelby County municipalities are hitting the ground running early in 2021, picking up with plans set in motion by previous council members and mayors. Read more

On being mask shamed

I suppose it’s the modern equivalent of “You kids get off my lawn.” I’ve heard of “mask-shaming” in recent months but didn’t experience it until ... Read more

Vaccine allocation should reprioritize to protect seniors, vulnerable

Now that there have been two vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States to protect against the coronavirus by the Federal Drug Administration, all ... Read more

COLUMN: Hitting the right target

Is axe throwing a plausible defense against zombies? Read more

Why our resolutions are different in 2021

It happens every year. Jan. 1 rolls around and we become determined that this year will be different. Read more

Optimism for Alabama, nation in 2021

There will be a lot written about the year 2020 and all that occurred in this nation between the pandemic, civil unrest and the election. Read more

Going over to the enemy camp

I remember an interesting confrontation one Sunday morning. Read more

Wilder ready to win round two

In my first two months of working at the Reporter, one of the first in-depth stories I worked on was a story about a 13-year-old ... Read more

Ending 2020 by being selfless

Every year, volunteers take time out of their day to lay live balsam wreaths at each gravesite in the Alabama National Cemetery, and it’s a ... Read more

Plenty to be thankful for despite difficult year

Dear editor, As 2020 comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on challenges that were unimaginable just twelve months ago. Read more

Christmas: Time of God’s open house

The prison warden circulated a note to inmates asking for suggestions on the kind of party they'd recommend for his 25th anniversary. Read more

COLUMN: Ending 2020 on the right note

It can be difficult to rebound from mountaintop experiences. Read more

See ya 2020, you won’t be missed

When the clock struck midnight on Jan. 1, 2020, we celebrated with loved ones and beyond at the turn of the decade. Read more

COLUMN: ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus’

Each year, we here at the Shelby County Reporter celebrate the Christmas season by reprinting the “Dear Virginia” editorial first published in the New York ... Read more

State lawmakers may debate gambling again

With the Alabama Legislative Session less than 60 days away, it appears a decades long issue in the state may be back up for debate. Read more

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