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A change on the horizon for fast food

The COVID-19 pandemic flipped life as we knew it upside down, and some of those effects are still being felt, while others are just now ... Read more

Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down

They came on the same day. One was a “downer” and the other was an “upper.” Read more

Ivey puts re-election speculation to rest

This past week Gov. Kay Ivey confirmed the rumors floating around the state capitol that she was running for re-election for a second full term. Read more

COLUMN: Art connects communities

There are many things that connect communities together regardless of personal views or traditions. Read more

Ivey rejects delay of Alabama Literacy Act

In her five years in office, Gov. Kay Ivey has rarely used the stroke of a pen to veto legislation passed by the Alabama Legislature. Read more

Want to live forever? Say ‘I do’

King Solomon made an interesting observation in the book of Ecclesiastes: "God has put eternity in our hearts" (3:11). Read more

A silver lining summer on the horizon

This time two years ago students were just getting out of school and spending more time at home with their parents or friends. Read more

COLUMN: Step up to the microphone

Public speaking is, of course, one of the top fears of most people, and it’s understandable why. Read more

Class of 2021 will always fight back

Entering the Chelsea High School football stadium on Tuesday, May 25, Emmanuel Latavious Moore looked to be in shock. Read more

Alabama unemployment heading in right direction

The coronavirus impact on the economy has been devastating to business owners, particularly to those small employers. Read more

What is God like?

One day Barth, Bonhoeffer, Brunner, Bultmann and Tillich, great theologians all, met the Lord. Read more

COLUMN: Motes’ legacy to inspire generations

Laced with a red ribbon around the stem, a white rose sat in an otherwise empty chair during Coosa Valley Academy’s graduation ceremony celebrating the ... Read more

A path many are scared to take

There is no hiding the tension between police and many around the country right now, which has made some fear joining a career in law ... Read more

Legislative session brings out ugly attacks on DA’s

I do not think there is anyone who would disagree that politics can bring out the worst in people or indeed the worst people. Read more

A fairy tale ending is not guaranteed

“And they lived happily ever after.” This oft-repeated line is burnished in our memories from childhood stories we heard so long ago. Read more

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