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Fast-acting first responders save a life

Our children are one of the most important aspects of our lives. We care for them, we love them and we don’t want any harm ... Read more

Teaching students God’s way, not the world’s way

I saw Carl a few years ago after not having seen him for a long time. Read more

Costly fight to resolve problems with Alabama’s corrections system

As is most states, Alabama is suffering under the weight of the pandemic and the ensuing high unemployment it has brought. Read more

COLUMN: We want the best for our kids

Few things are as important as our children’s education. That’s why the decision parents must make regarding their kids as we near the beginning of ... Read more

As a local paper, we need your support

Like most businesses and people during the COVID-19 pandemic, local newspapers and journalists are struggling, including us at the Shelby County Reporter. Read more

Legislature must address repeat violent felons with changes

In the past year, we have seen what happens when our justice system fails and violent felons are let out of jail only to commit ... Read more

Following the steps of the Prince of Peace

A familiar New Testament image is the Christian soldier in Ephesians 6, modeled after the Roman soldier. Paul was in prison so there were probably ... Read more

COLUMN: Finding ways to move forward

To say the novel coronavirus has changed the way we do things is a vast understatement. Read more

Make plans now for upcoming elections

It’s never a good idea to wait until the last minute to make your voting plans, but the year 2020 puts even more truth to ... Read more

Enthusiasm for Tuberville bodes well for General Election

Before last week’s Alabama Senate Republican Party Primary Run-off election, it looked like Tommy Tuberville had the advantage over former Sen. Jeff Sessions based on most ... Read more

Senior adults are a church’s best treasure

I thought it would be a snap to trim a few dead tree branches, but the ladder slipped and so did I. Read more

COLUMN: Thank our school leaders, don’t bash them

Raise your hand if you’ve been through a time in this country like we are experiencing right now. There probably aren’t too many hands raised. Read more

Column: The AHSAA had the guts to make a decision many have been scared to

The Alabama High School Athletic Association has faced its share of criticism at times in the past, as any governing body has, but on Wednesday, ... Read more

Stop the arguing, wear the mask

It’s getting old. Every time we log in to social media or read comments on any news story, there’s an argument about wearing masks. It ... Read more

When people walk away from church

“Apostasy” isn’t a word my denomination uses much, probably because we don’t believe in it. Read more

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